Thursday, January 23, 2014

Glimmer of Hope

At the moment, I have two stories submitted to Glimmer Train: "The Shameful Question," a story of twin sisters and their lingering history with a Ouija board, and "Insidious," a story about a mother's overwhelming feelings of responsibility and the attendant fear that accompanies those feelings.  "Insidious" is also submitted in Boulevard's Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers.  And another story, "Good Guise," is submitted to the CBC Short Story Prize.

I will be happy with anything better than a form rejection.  Right now, I have no rejections, although it's only been a couple of months, and, well, some of these prize winners won't be announced until later this year.  So good news!  There is still hope.

I am new to the submissions scene, and at this point I only have two war wounds to speak of -- my 2012 NaNo novel sent to Avon Impulse for their NaNo novel submission call was summarily rejected (perhaps they wanted that polished), and my short story "Generation Gap" sent to Boulevard literary magazine did not fill their editorial needs at that moment ;)

When I started writing, it was all about the SASE and return postage, etc., and now, many years later when I am finally ready to submit, most of it is done online, and I can even track my submissions' status(es), which can get a bit obsessive, but, hey, ya never know.  Maybe I didn't get the email.

I decided to post my rejected story "Generation Gap" on my blog -- look for the top tab if the link doesn't work. It's very short.  Enjoy!

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