Monday, January 27, 2014

Macaroni & Thieves

The other day my kid wanted me to make macaroni and cheese for lunch, and I thought he said "macaroni and thieves."  I teased him about it and said that sounded like a story title.

The next thing I knew, the two of them were tossing out all kinds of silly titles, including gems such as:

"Fork on the Floor"
"Love and Guns" (which I actually kinda like)
"Burnt Toast" (well, we were having lunch, and I think I burned the grilled cheese)
"Mean Mommy" (that might've been mine-I said no to the treats)

 It's easy to come up with a title.  I have two entire series of stories already titled and ready to go in my head, but they are as yet unwritten (the hard part).

I Googled "starting a story with the title" and nothing really came up except this title generator.  It also has character name generator and an image generator. I like generators but never think to use them.

I usually have a working title that I know isn't right, or I use "Untitled," but for me the title has always come at the end after the story is finished.

How much inspiration do you take from titles?  Has that ever been a starting point from which you developed a story, or do the titles creep into existence as the story takes shape?

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