Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Boredom, and its Lively Pursuit April #atozchallenge

It's Spring Break here in Edmonton, but it could pass for the middle of January out there.  Okay, so maybe it's not quite that cold, but it's not warm by any stretch.  I still heat up bean baggies in the microwave and take them to bed with me every night.  I still wear sweaters and warm slippers in the house.  And the kids are still inside most of the time, hounding me.

"Mom, I'm bored."

"Mom, what can I do?"

"Mom, can I play video games. There's no one to play with."

My response:  "It is not my job to entertain you 24 hours a day.  Go find something to do."

We're not a super active family; although, we do walk to school when the sidewalks aren't an icy hazard or covered in 3 inches of slushy muck.  And in the summer we go for bike rides and do outdoor things, but we are not high energy people always looking for excitement.  When we're not working, we chill, quite a lot.  Hence, my kids get bored.

I read somewhere that boredom is good for creativity, and I am a believer.  Given enough time with their boredom, my kids always come up with innovative ways to play, or draw, or craft.

When do I get to be bored?  I haven't been bored since February 2003, when my son was born.  And oh, how I miss it. 

Can you imagine having absolutely nothing to do?  I can barely remember that restless feeling.  And better yet, if boredom sparks creativity...what a win!  I can fill the well by doing nothing and having nothing to do.
It's not the same as being lazy.  When you're bored, you want to do something.

I need to be bored again.  Somehow.  If only for a day, or two.

That sounds like my idea of fun. 


  1. Haha, I hear you, and I don't even have kids! But freelance work and novel writing can keep a girl pretty busy!

    1. Kyra...I think life in general has just gotten busier for sometimes makes more work, I think

  2. What a great subject for B - it's nice to connect and follow through A to Z

  3. Great post. I wish I could take back every single minute I was bored as a kid and use that time now!