Monday, April 07, 2014

"Fundraiser" -- The New "F" Word April #atozchallenge

I must give credit to my mom for coining this title, as she and I have been hard at it soliciting donations for a silent auction event, and she mentioned that she tries not to use the "F" word right when she starts talking.

I had to laugh, because I totally agree.  I mean, don't we all hate to be asked for money?  Or worse yet, asking for it?

Competition is tough out there when you're looking for a hand-out -- or a hand up, and I have to say that people have been very polite in their refusals -- for the most part.

So a short post today, as I have to get back to the hunt.  I hope this fundraiser is a success, so we don't have to do another one in the fall!

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