Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A is for Art Addiction

I am an art addict.  I confess.

My addiction leans more towards the purchasing (I mean, collecting) of art supplies than towards actually using them.

I really am turning into my mother.  I call her before I buy something totally new (eg airbrush supplies) because she is likely to have it.  Yes, she did have an airbrush.  No, I didn't buy one, thankfully.

I love to paint, and I take a great deal of enjoyment from long as my painting turns out.

Same thing with writing.  No matter what the art form, when what you are creating does not come out as you envisioned, there is a certain amount of frustration.  And the more we do create, and the more success we have, the greater our expectations.

I registered my blog under the Art category, but I'm doing the A to Z Challenge to get myself back to writing.  I've been away far too long, and there are voices in my head that need to get out onto paper.

And since art has taken over my life, I guess I will write about art for the month of April!

You can find me on Facebook and my fledgling website.

Talk to you tomorrow :)


  1. Hey, I guess I'm an art addict, too. I'm also a writer. For years I was afraid to try painting because I felt like I was a writer, not a painter. But a few years ago I decided to take the plunge. I may never be a great painter. But I love it! Good luck with all artistic things you choose to do. I look forward to reading more here this month.

  2. thanks, Suzanne :) There's no reason why we can't do both, hey. In some ways writing and painting are a lot of the same are trying to get something out.

  3. Buying things without ending up using them sounds, comfortingly, a lot more common. It's always (somewhat selfishly) nice to hear when other people do it too.

    You created some beautiful stuff in the class, and I love the rim on the tumbler. It's one of those things that sounds nice 'in theory', nice to see it's nice in practice too. I'm looking forwards to seeing how the rest of your alphabet goes. ;)

    -Pax, (currently) 500 on the Blogging A-Z list