Tuesday, April 14, 2015

K is for...Kids

More specifically, kids artwork.

My kids produce a voluminous amount of art, from drawings to paper creations and sculptures, at school and at home.

I enjoy their creations, but what the heck do you do with all of it?  Most of it goes to their room, and some I squirrel away in a folder for when they're grown, but a good deal of it is taped to my living room walls. 

Yes, taped to my living room walls, and the hallway walls, and the kitchen walls.  And don't forget the fridge.

I'm an artist, and when I finish a painting, I like to hang it up and look at it.  One day, not long after I began painting, my daughter asked if she could put up one of her drawings, I immediately replied, Of course!

How could I say no?  I mean, my artwork is hanging all over the house, and my kid wants to tape a piece of paper on the wall.

I love those pieces of paper, sometimes with curled edges and crooked tape.  I do try to get them to remove the seasonal paintings after a time, to make room for the new things, just like I change my art around as I paint new pieces.  We use Magic Tape so it doesn't take the paint off.  We don't live in a show home, by any means.

My daughter's room is covered with her paintings, floor to ceiling almost. 

I suppose it's a bit much, but I get it.  You fall in love with your art, and one of the best things about art is to share it :)

My daughter's room....not my living room!

hubby portraits are the best :)


  1. Stopping by from A-Z. Loved this post. I still have a piece of artwork on my fridge my daughter made for me in 1st grade. She will be 35 in June. I love kid artwork. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

  2. That's wonderful! That is what fridges are for lol We have a piece of my daughter's artwork inscribed in our kitchen table...a little stick man. She was drawing on the paper but the pen made an impression in the wood. I think it's cute. It was a brand-new table, but it has plenty of scratches now to go along with her stick man :)