Saturday, April 04, 2015

D is for...Doh Vinci

My daughter has been begging for this new craft, Doh Vinci, and I finally picked her up a little kit today.  I have to say it's pretty cool.

She's been too old for Play-Doh for awhile, but this brings it all back, and it's not nearly so messy. I hated it when the kids got out the Play-Doh when they were little because it was a pain to clean up lol

Doh Vinci, awesome.

Basically the Play-Doh comes in little tubes that you fit into a sort of caulking gun and you can draw with it on cardboard cutouts.  Here are some samples from today... it was something we could easily do together, and I rather enjoyed it too.

You can use their templates or do your own picture on paper or cardboard.

All in all, this kit is a hit.  Why can't I think of stuff like this?


  1. That's awesome. One of my issues with Play-Doh is the limited use. Oh, and the flavor..salty isn't all that great. Yeah, I used Play-Doh when I was a kid. Long Long LONG ago. Glad my husband never discovered this updated version. We would have had 'stuff' in all the dogs' earas

  2. That looks like loads of fun... and pretty too!
    I really like the name Doh Vinci - clever!

    Writer In Transit